Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun with Alcohol Inks!

OK, sorry for the delay, but I'm back with pics of how to do the fun technique I used on my card yesterday with Alcohol Inks. First you need a few different colors of Alcohol Inks, glossy cardstock (Ranger is best) and a can of air (like for cleaning your keyboard), you can purchase that just about anywhere including Walmart, Target & office stores.
For my samples, I cut the cardstock into standard A2 size.
First, pick out your alcohol ink colors and put your paper on napkins or a wipe-off craft mat.
Put a drop of your first color onto the paper and spray from above or side with canned air.
Continue with other colors until you achieve the look you want.
This is my finished piece, ready for another project! I just love the new brights alcohol inks for this effect because their color is so intense. I think this paper has kind of a "groovy" feel with the neon colors! I'll share my finished project as soon as I use this, in the mean time, I'll have another alcohol ink technique up tomarrow with a great finished project (a home project, not a card). Very fun!
Thanks for stoppin!
Hugs- Kelly

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