Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Family Post! :)

Hello! Hope everyone's having a great weekend! We had conferences in our school district this Thurs-Fri, so no school from Thur-Sun. Matt & Logan left for deer hunting early Thursday morning, so it's just been me, Shelby & Lucas. Honestly, I'm starting to get exhausted :) Shelby is the least patient of all of us so Lucas can easily get on her nerves. But, we are having some fun moments while the old boys are gone! :)
Anyhow- Matt got a deer this morning! Yay! A pretty nice buck, too. They have 4 tags to fill, so they'll probably still be gone at least a few days. Logan shot & missed one today as well. Mabey tomarrow!

On a creative note :) Check back on Monday for the QKD Royal Monday bloghop!

Hugs- Kelly

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