Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!!!

Just wanted to share today some pics from Halloween! My youngest, Lucas, was a fuzzy lion (perfect for Oct in MN!). It's probably the last year i'll be able to pick his costume out with him so that it's warm! Next year I'm sure he'll want some thin costume that he'll freeze in!
My daughter, Shelby, was a 50's waitress. She saw this costume in a catalog months ago and had to have it! My oldest, Logan and his friends all dressed as "punk zombie skateboarders". :)
Even though my husband stayed at home sick, we all had a fun night and could hear screams and chainsaws all evening from the Tunnel of Terror across the street!

Shelby, Lucas, Logan

My kids and 4 of their cousins at G'ma & G'pas. Lucas, Logan, Sierra, Elijah, Jordan, Lucy, Shelby.


Lucas is such a little ham!
Hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween! Now onto Christmas! :)

Hugs- Kelly

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