Sunday, July 22, 2012

PTI SAF Friendship Bracelet challenge!

My daughter and I love to make fun stuff with beads at home, so I was excited to try the new PTI paper bead papers and die!
I made a bunch of beads the day before stamp-a-faire so they would have good drying time.
I also made these *cute* little charms with the SAF logo and tiny bottlecaps that I gave all the girls at our get together yesterday, so I used mine on my bracelet here:

Sorry, I took this pic with my phone yesterday, i'll get a better pic of the whole thing later :)
These beads are very fun to make and you can't get beads much cheaper than by using paper! I also got to trade for some of the yellow/pink papers yesterday (thanks Kim!) so I can make another version as well!

Hugs- Kelly

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